Qi Gong

Qi Gong or “energy work” is a mind and movement practice that uses posture and intention to move and strengthen Ki (energy). The slow movements, stretches and deep breathing aim to promote relaxation so that Ki can flow in the body. 

Qi Gong gives us a way to cultivate our own Ki, helping to prevent dis-ease from taking root. It’s also a light and gentle way to start your day!

What To Expect

There are thousands of Qi Gong forms. Here are the two that I instruct.

The Hua Gong (healing form)

This simple yet powerful form explores our existence as a soul in physical form, standing between the abundant energies of Heaven and Earth. It helps to make our central channel clear and strong, supported by natural healing energies. It is easy to learn and so is perfect for those new to Qi Gong.


The Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi Set One

This form combines all three major categories of Qi Gong: Moving, Standing and Meditative. They are key elements of a well-rounded Qi Gong practice. The Shabashi Set One is perfect for all levels of experience. You can follow this form in your own time to really develop your practice and experiences of Qi Gong.

“Throughly enjoyed Qi Gong with Sarah. She created a safe and inviting space for us to practice the gentle movements and meditations. Sarah gives really clear instructions and catered well to the needs of a mixed ability group.

She shared info about the Five Elements, earth and heaven energy, keeping a clear channel of energy flowing through you, the importance of the fascia, intention and maintaining health using our own self-healing ability. I also loved how she involves visualisations of animals, nature and colours!

It was easy to follow and Im glad I tried it out. Interesting and relaxing.


Benefits of Qi Gong

Millions of people around the world enjoy the ancient practice of Qi Gong. The rocking motions and stretching movements help to improve circulation and digestion; the chest exercises and breathing are good for lung conditions and asthma; and the gentle pace helps to ease tension from the mind and the muscles. 


Reduces stress


Eases stress


Builds energy and flexibility


Improves sensitivity


Improves awareness of mind and emotions


Easy to learn


Restores peace and calm


Loosens and strengthens joints and muscles

My Journey

I started practising Qi Gong during my Shiatsu Diploma training in 2016. At the start of the day we practised various Qi Gong forms to warm-up fascia and open energy meridians. It helped us to develop a deeper experience of our physical and energetic bodies.

The more I practised Qi Gong at home, the more curious I became because moving Ki (with movement and the mind) led to totally new sensations and experiences.

Qi Gong transformed my understanding of my existence and brought a whole new meaning to my Shiatsu work and working with Ki for my own self-care.

It is common for Shiatsu Practitioners to practice a form of energy cultivation (Aikido, Qi Gong, karate etc) in order to maintain our vital energy, and re-charge our energy stores. In reality, Qi Gong is a good practice for anyone looking to maintain their health and prevent disease from arising.

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Repost from @repairing_the_nervous_system 
It's so spot on....

I pick up my trainings interchangeably, as I need them:

Shiatsu (Zen, Multidimensional, Movement)
Usui Reiki
Physical exercise
Nature time

There is no specific pattern.

A daily Qigong practice probably means Qigong is the most frequent.

If you're a holistic Practitioner, how does your self-care vary? What practices are your go-to's?

Though recently with Covid, I had no energy for it. 
Do-In was too much for my body to receive (tapping along energy meridians)

As I was just discussing with @dawnoei, mostly for 10 days all I could do was place hands on chest and bring awareness to the pathogen, breathe in healing light and visualise a pathway for the pathogen to leave along the Large Intestine meridian. Sometimes I worked LI4.
(This approach was inspired by @malikameddings from #newenergyworkntrainings)

I started taking homeopathic remedies from @family_homeopath_zoescanlan last Thursday.  It feels good to notice their subtle yet powerful effects.

I'm back to morning Qigong - how could I not practice, with these kind of jungle views!? 

So many different colourful birds flitting around, and birds of prey looming. It's jaw droppingly beautiful.



A whirlwind week in Goa ...

A brief summary!

Landed in Goa, exhausted from the tail end of Covid. Quickly caught a cold.

Rescued my precious moped (thanks James, Nat and Dave) and my possessions (gracias @inma_marmol)

Moved into a new apartment, with unexpectedly stunning views of the Ghats. The tranquil Haven I always need.

Ate my fav pumpkin thali 🤟
And the best sushi from @endiapan_india.jp

Hung out with cows on the beach.

Got moped spruced up. Took old girl for a ride today down to Galgibag. 

Celebrated a birthday in the revamped Love Bites. Caught up with some fab faces.

Got published in Australian media for the first time, writing about Shiatsu and longevity. The topic has been on my mind - it's now 7 years since I found Shiatsu (or did it find me?!). ☯️

And resumed my space on the beach, absorbing some much needed rays while slipping into a more receptive vibe, after the doing-ness of the week.


Get your tkt booked!!! 


Goa is waiting for you!


One year on.....

Safely landed in Goa. Sleeping, settling into the land, and trying to recover from the tail end of a month of illness thanks to My First Cvid! Finally, it took me down!

And today, taking it very easy with beach and sea time, as I reflect on the horrendous experience that unfolded this day last year on Koh Pan Ghan  by a so-called friend.

A year on and things are somehow still hard. 
Just forget about it and move on.....yep, I'm trying. Unfortunately it's not that easy. Triggers pop up in the most unexpected ways.

But for every vile unhinged manipulative narc, there are thankfully many good eggs. Though i suspect some haven't been able to see past his smear campaign - there are plenty who know the real story and what I went through last December.

It's difficult events that highlight who the real friends are - the ones who check in, whose concern is genuine, whose actions say it all.

Being a human isn't easy, but consistent authentic kindness really does help to smooth the ride.

If you know, you know. Or perhaps it's easier to look the other way and make your own excuses.


My Shiatsu, Reiki and Qigong practices have taken on new forms - like reassuring presences that I can "just do" when my head hurts too much to think.


To all those I only caught glimpses of this summer, or who I didn't get to see though we tried (!), I'm sorry and really looking forward to seeing you next year. I hope to be more sociable.


More incoming on my plans for this Goa season. 

It's easy to get swept up in the greasy frenetic wheels of the "wellness" world here.

Spirituality is Big Business. And what perfect place to study: in an authentic Eastern setting. Hmmmm.

Once again, there is little on offer that resonates with me.

Im going to be discovering Winter, the season of introspection. The essential piece of the annual cycle that asks us to be slower, still, to look inward.

Searching within is perhaps the perfect antidote to Goa's very externally focused 'buy your quick fix path to peace and contentment'.


Pls get in touch if you're coming to Goa and I'll make an effort to meet. Great to hear from a few already ...

Shiatsu swapping....

Much needed compassionate touch, and on a Friday evening too. Perfect end of week relax!

Thank you @tanyapriceshiatsu really enjoyed being able to let go of everything for an hour and reconnect within.

More on @practitionersgarden about setting up a swap and why to do so! (So many reasons!) Find the story in the Highlights on that channel, see Substack.

Tanya is based at BodyMatters in Steyning.



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I founded SJA Holistics to help people get well, feel great, and stay well using the power of practices derived from Eastern Medicine including Shiatsu, Reiki, Acupressure and Qi Gong.

For over a decade I’ve worked with Ki and have first-hand experience of how energy- and body-work can lead to positive health. Working with the energy body as well as the physical can bring profound changes to mental, emotional and physical issues.

After completing three years of study for the Professional Shiatsu Diploma, I honed my experience working voluntarily for six months in a national UK charity giving Shiatsu to people recovering from substance misuse.

It is my mission to help you recognise your own self-healing ability and to empower you with the skills and knowledge you need to dramatically improve your self-care.

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